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Residential yard clean up in Lexington, KY by Allen's Lawn Service.

Yard Cleanup Service In Lexington, KY

We clean up and prepare yards for the upcoming seasons in Lexington, KY.

We clean up yards all over Lexington, KY.

Cleaning up leaves, stems and other debris during the spring and fall is just as important as regular lawn mowing and landscape maintenance. Our yard cleanup service will ensure that your property looks its best throughout the spring, summer and fall, even when the warm weather begins to fade and leaves start to cover your lawn. When you hire Allen's Lawn Service for yard cleanups, we'll include leaf raking/removal, prepare plants for the growth/winter season and many other tasks. In the Lexington area, spring cleanups start around March and fall cleanups generally run from October through November.




Services included with yard cleanups.

The most common yard cleanups are spring and fall to prepare the property for the upcoming season and clean up leaves. However, we can also clean up distressed and neglected yards that have become overgrown. Here are a list of services we typically perform during a yard cleanup (some depend on season):

Leaf Removal

We will make sure the yard is blown and raked clean of all fallen leaves. We will bag them for easy disposal. This should be done in the spring to remove anything that was hidden by the snow, and again in the fall to make sure all leaves are gone before the first snowfall.

Weed Eating & Edging

Once the landscaping beds have been cleaned up, we'll reshape the edges and also edge along driveways and walkways. Then we will trim around trees, fences, mailboxes, sheds and around the exterior of your home.


When we clean up landscaping beds, we start by removing all of the overgrown weeds and clean out the bed. We trim back any shrubs or small plants and remove any dead landscaping shrubs.

Mowing & Maintenance

We will mow the lawn and also suggest an ongoing lawn service maintenance package. This will prevent the yard and landscaping from becoming overgrown.??

Another before and after shot of a yard clean up in Allen's Lawn Service.

If you are the greater Lexington, KY area, call us today at (859) 351-6774 for a free quote on your yard cleanup service. Let us make your property a tidy, pleasant place your family can enjoy.

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