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Landscaping project by Allen's Lawn Service in Lexington, KY.

Landscaping Services In Lexington, KY

We provide professional landscaping services in Lexington, KY.

Landscaping Services In Lexington, KY







We strive to make sure your yard is something you and your family can enjoy each time you go outside. Keeping up with all your landscaping requires a lot of hard work on an ongoing basis. For example, landscaping maintenance requires trimming, weeding, mulch refreshing, bed reshaping and the list goes on. We also provide new plantings for replacing shrubs, planting annual flowers or entirely new landscaping beds. If you are in the Lexington, area, Allen's Lawn Service is the company for all your landscaping services.


New landscaping installation by Allen's Lawn Service in Lexington, KY.

New landscaping, plantings and annual flowers.

Give us a call when you want to change your landscaping. We're available to handle things like creating new landscaping beds or planting flowers and shrubs. We also plant a lot of annual flowers, it's a great way to add some color to your existing landscaping.

When you choose Allen's Lawn Service, we'll help you choose the best flowers, plants and shrubs for your landscaping project. When we plant your new landscaping, we will discuss placement and layout, this ensures our customers get exactly what they have envisioned.

We also offer landscaping maintenance packages that can be added on to your lawn maintenance services. We'll do things like pull any weeds in your landscaping, reshape your beds and trim your plants to ensure they always look great. Regular landscaping maintenance is important and will keep the outside of your home looking fabulous.

Landscaping after trimming by Allen's Lawn Service.

Trimming and pruning of shrubs, flowering plants and small trees.

Bushes and trees grow at a faster rate when the spring thaw arrives, and maintains that pace until the winter arrives. That means branches can sprout in any direction if your shrubs are not manicured, creating a distortion of its shape. Unwanted wildlife and pests can take up residence in landscaping that is left to grow unchecked. We can trim your bushes and shrubs so they have a pleasing shape and won’t become overgrown.

Shrubs and small trees that are maintained look better and are much healthier; the main reasons for trimming your landscaping. When we trim your landscaping, we'll remove the dead, pest infested or diseased branches and shape the remainder of the plant. This helps the shrub to remain thick and healthy. Another reason to trim your landscaping is it will produce more fruit and blossoms when the maintained and kept healthy.

The best time to trim or prune landscaping in Lexington is at the beginning of spring, then again in the fall.


Install new mulch to refresh your landscaping.

One of the best ways to give your landscaping a new, manicured appearance is our mulching service. Freshly laid mulch has a pleasing appearance and prevents growth of unwanted weeds beneath it. Mulch also helps to keep roots moist and healthy by insulating the soil around the base of plants from hot and cold temperatures.

We install new mulch around trees, in plant beds and in gardens. If you have existing mulch, we can refresh it with new mulch; after we remove any weeds that may have found their way to the surface. The best time to lay mulch is either in the spring or at the beginning of summer.


If you'd like to get a quote for your landscaping job, give us a call at (859) 351-6774 or complete our online quote form. We currently service the greater Lexington, KY area.











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