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Home with ongoing lawn mowing and maintenance by Allen's Lawn Service in Lexington, KY.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance In Lexington, KY

Scheduled lawn mowing and maintenance service keeps your yard beautiful all season long!

Scheduled lawn service in Lexington, KY.

Now offering Core aeration and Overseeding as a service!

Lawns in the Lexington area typically begin to grow after the spring thaw in late March, early April, and continues until about October to November. Once the weather warms up, so does the rate at which your lawn will grow. For our most common grass types, Bermuda, Zoysis and Bluegrass, the average amount of lawn growth is three inches every two weeks! It is recommended that lawns be mowed to a height of three inches, every 7 days, for optimum health and appearance. If you are growing turf (such as a golf course), then the grass should be cut to a one inch height every 5-10 days. If your lawn or turf is not properly maintained, the risk of disease and weed growth increases significantly. For example, fungus thrives in taller grass when conditions are warm and humid. Let Allen's Lawn Service maintain your lawn to ensure both its health and appearance. We offer seasonal packages, or we can service your yard on a one-time basis. Continue reading to learn more about the individual services we include with our lawn mowing and maintenance packages.

Residential lawn maintained by Allen's Lawn Service in Lexington, KY.

What's included with our lawn maintenance service.

Lawn maintenance is more than just mowing. Here are some of the services we perform during lawn maintenance.

  • Mowing: Your grass will be cut to the proper height, promoting a thick, verdant appearance and help to deter any diseases.
  • Trimming: You'll receive string trimming around trees, mailboxes, fences, sheds, house, swing sets and stepping stones.
  • Edging: Get that nice sharp edge along your lawn where it meets sidewalks, driveways and walkways.
  • Blowing: Once we have finished mowing, edging and trimming your yard, we will blow off all clippings, debris and leaves so that your driveway and walkways look as great as your yard.
  • Landscape Maintenance: As an add-on service, we can trim all your landscaping, reshape your beds and more. Read about landscaping.
  • Core aeration and Overseeding:  Core aeration relieves compaction and helps to get water and nutrients and oxygen into the soil, strengthening the root system. Combined with overseeding, you get a thicker, healthier lawn. 

If you are the greater Lexington, KY area, call us today at (859) 351-6774 for pricing on your property. Let us maintain your yard so that your family, your neighbors and your guests can enjoy a healthy, lush lawn.

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